I dreamt a friend and I were driving in a convertible and stopped, parking the car. I have no memory of who the friend was. After we got out, I saw a large Jaguar sitting in the driver's seat. We were both scared, and tried to sneak off quietly but in separate directions. The Jaguar attacked, biting into my friend's neck. I wanted to run away, but instead went to help him and the cat backed off. We just stood there, side by side, and the big cat went back to sit in the car, licking itself.

Kaqchikel spiritual guide R Similox believes the car is the body, the vehicle that carries us through our journey. The Jaguar is, well, the Jaguar, the Nahual Ix, the strong shaman, who wants to be in charge (in the driver's seat). The friend, since I have no memory of who he was, is actually a part of me, perhaps my Nahual or a conflicted part of myself, and will be attacked unless we stand together, he and I, balanced, and not trying to go in 2 directions.


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