Symbol of freedom.
To dream that you are wearing them and they are dirty, indicates guilt.
Walking barefoot indicates a fear of being subjected to others.
Seeing yourself barefoot but not walking reveals a fear of poverty. 
Seeing yourself in good shoes means you feel free.
If we break a shoe it foretells the loss of freedom.

To Say Good Bye

If someone is saying goodbye to us it means we will lose something that didn’t benefit us anyway.
If we are saying goodbye to someone else it means that we will see them again soon.
If we cry while saying goodbye it means there is sadness awaiting us.


Symbolizes evil and treacherous betrayals. Where the scorpion is lies hidden betrayal.
To see a scorpion in our bed indicates infidelity.
To see one in our workplace is to expect a betrayal.
To find one in our clothing indicates someone close to us will betray us.
If it stings us, it indicates a threatening disease.
To see one dead or to kill one means a betrayal will be discovered in time.


Symbolizes the collective unconscious.
The sea in our dreams represents our interior life.
If the sea is calm, so is our life. 
If the sea is rough, that means our life has complications and problems.
If we fall into the sea, it foretells some misfortune we will be responsible for.
If we let ourselves sink into the sea it means we are resigned to what we consider inevitable.
If we try to escape to the surface and stay there it reflects our desire to fight with all our strength.
Navigating a rough sea means we are engaging in a dangerous business even though we know the risks.
The sea is linked to the manifestation of the Mother of the female part of nature. It is linked to the Nahual Imox.


In most cases it is a reflection of real needs not adequately met.
If the dream becomes morbid it indicates fatigue and a dull sex life.

Sheep (see lambs)


If the sheets are gloomy, dark, or the bed is in a dark room it is a warning of possible disease for whomever is in the bed.
If the bed is empty, it means danger to someone close to you.
Big sheets indicates an obsession with sexual themes.
small sheets indicate a lack of interest in sex.
If the sheets are clean and well arranged it indicates that we are happy with our partner.
If the sheets are dirty and messy, it indicates disagreement and dissent.
If they are torn it indicates divorce or widowhood.
Highly-decorated sheets signify refined love.
If they are different from own sheets it indicates new loves.
To see people not known to us sleeping in our sheets indicates danger of infighting.


Symbol of freedom.
Dreaming of having dirty shoes on indicates guilt.
Walking without shoes indicates danger of being subjected to others.
Seeing ourselves barefoot, and not walking, reveals a fear of poverty.
Seeing ourselves in good shoes is equivalent to feeling free.
Seeing ourselves in children's shoes reveals that we are immature.
If the shoe pinches, we still do not possess the freedom to deal with a new situation.
If we break a shoe it foretells the loss of our freedom.

To Shelter/ take in

If we shelter someone we will be protected and supported by that same person. If you reject a person in a dream it indicates the proximity of a threat of treason.
Depending on where you live, if you take in an elderly person or an elderly person asks to be taken in, it means that someone will give us something that belonged to an old grandfather or grandmother. We must receive it and take care of it in our home.


If a man wears the shirt, the dream suggests intimacy and fortune.
If a woman is wearing the shirt, it indicates she will find someone to happily share her life with.

If the shirt is clean and fits well, it indicates prosperity and fortune.
If the shirt is torn it foretells poverty.
If it is dirty it indicates compromising situations.
If it is too short it indicates lust.
If we are washing it, it means we know how to forgive offenses.


If we are properly dressed in a skirt related to our profession it indicates that we are well adapted to social and professional life.
If a skirt is inappropriate dress, it indicates we are poorly adapted.
If it is inappropriate for our age it shows a lack of maturity.

If it’s too fancy it shows too much vanity.
If it’s dirty it indicates displeasure with some action that we made that violates our moral code.
We can also interpret the dream through the color of the skirt.


Symbolizes our aspirations and desires.
If it is a night sky it indicates that we are at a planning stage.
If it is the daytime, it means that the time has come to the realize our plans.
If the sky is clear it means that the coming days we will be calm.
If it is cloudy, worries are coming.
If it’s very cloudy, there are serious concerns.
If it’s very stormy the situation is critical.


The most common meaning is of a sexual nature, especially among young people.
It also symbolizes wisdom and healing power.
To see sleeping snake indicates that our instinctive forces are dormant.
If you wake up and are not afraid it shows desires without fear, and a spiritual evolution.
Dreaming of a snake skin means you are near a deep evolutionary change.
If they are poisonous snakes, it means we’re afraid of an embarrassing situation.
It symbolizes the Nahual Kan, Kukulkan, Gucumatz -- the feathered serpent. It is a sacred symbol.


They symbolize the duty and the obligations society puts on us.
This dream often reveals that we are subjected to some form of coercion that we want to liberate ourselves from.
If we are young and the dream is not unpleasant it denotes a desire to integrate into the community and abide by its rules.
If the dream is accompanied by feelings of anxiety because we do not have a complete uniform or it is sloppy, or we have an undisciplined attitude, it means that in our life we are subject to constraints of a professional, family or social nature that are unbearable.
If the weather is pleasant the dream is our subordination and obedience to a higher law that comes from ourselves.
If we are not the soldier but rather we see them as isolated individuals, but armed and marching in formation, it reveals the existence of danger that threatens our independence and security.

Spider web

If we are caught in the web it indicates that we are in a delicate situation and don’t know how to get out of it.
If you dream of objects covered with cobwebs it means that these objects symbolize what we have forgotten or overlooked.

Stick or rod

It is a symbol of power and authority.
If we use it, it is a warning that we have made an arbitrary action.
If you get hit with a stick it is a sign that you will see yourself humiliated.


Symbolize strength, tenacity and perseverance.
If it is volcanic rock it is the equivalent of petrification or hardening of the senses.
If falls from the sky like meteors, then it becomes sacred.
If it becomes pebbles or sand it symbolizes breakage, dislocation, disease, defeat and death.
To dream of a stony extension warns us about our hardness and inner sterility. If water or rain appear the hardness will soften.
If the ground is covered with stones it expresses our resistance to change, and if we decide to walk over them it shows us that life will be difficult and painful.
Nahual Tijax.


It symbolizes energy, light, heat, life, brightness and everything good.
Dreaming of a rising sun indicates the start of increasing happiness and prosperity.
If it is clear and shining it announces abundance, success, prosperity, health, energy and physical and mental abilities.
A dimming sun or a black sun represents a serious danger to life, business and happiness.
The sun hidden by clouds reveals sadness, worries and fear.


To dive easily and tirelessly means we will achieve success in business and in love.
If we are drowning it indicates that our ambitions are dashed.
If you save someone from drowning it means that a dangerous passion will be avoided.
If we are learning to dive, we doubt our strength of will.
Diving in clean water means that we are clear and noble.
If we are swimming in murky waters, it means passion with bad thoughts.
If you're diving and the sea or river has rough currents, it indicates that our passions are stronger than our will.


Symbolizes courage and power.
When we see it in its entirety it confirms our courage and power, and our success and social status.
If the sword appears next to scales it symbolizes justice to be carried out with acts and words.
If what stands out is its double-edged blade:
If the blade is shiny and sharp, our words will be convincing.
If it is defective or short, it reveals a lack of eloquence.
If it is heavy and unwieldy it indicates that we cannot fulfill our promises. In a sexual context the blade represents man, and the sheath, woman.