The idea for the Mayan Dream Box project actually came from a dream, and was started to help pay medical bills for Sophia, a 2 year old Guatemalan girl with Cystic Fibrosis. Any additional profit will go a Kaqchikel medical Clinic in Chimaltenango, Guatemala,

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Messangers visited the people of the Jewish Tanakh and Christian Bible in their dreams, including Jacob, Pharaoh, the Magi, and Joseph before the flight to Egypt. The young Samuel was called three times in his sleep before his mentor Eli understood that he kept missing an important message by getting up.

One of the world's greatest mathematicians, Srinivasa Ramanujan, had almost no formal training, and died in 1920 of tuberculosis at the age of 32. A notebook of his was found containing 6000 theorems, and some continue to be worked on today. His thoughts are contributing to the new physics of string theory. Ramanujan claimed that the goddess Namagiri revealed mathematical results to him in dreams.


Create the Perfect Environment for Meaningful Dreams!

Mayan childrenare encouraged to remember their dreams, and young adults are identified with the gift of 'day keeping,' and trained to read the sacred calendar and interpret dreams. Dreams are understood as both expressions of the inner self, and, at special times and in special places, communications with ancestors or spirit guides, called Nahuales, giving perspective and direction to the dreamers.

dreamkit In Mayan areas, special places are set aside called 'dream houses' or 'lineage shrines,' where significant dreams occur. The interpretation of these dreams depend on the dreamer's place on the cosmic tapestry of both space and time, so the calendar becomes an important tool in understanding dream images. The Mayan Dream Box contains both the objects to create a unique environment for dreams, and the tools for determining the Mayan date and aid in dream interpretation.

The Mayan Dream Box:

Contents are handcrafted, and no 2 are exactly alike.


The Mayan Dream Box is no longer available through Witz Mountain Dreams LLC. For information about dream boxes, please contact the author directly.



Mayan Dream Interpretation and Dream-element descriptions are now posted online and available to all purchasers of the Mayan Dream Box!

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